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aladdin Genie CostumeIf you are looking for a simple but quality made genie costume then it’s really not going to be as hard as you may initially have thought. This Halloween you or your child can stand out from the rest of the usual crowd by dressing up in a Mystical genie just like the big blue genie from the classic Disney’s Aladdin. One of the best retailers for this particular costume is, at there online store you can find a wide range of cheap, quality made costumes for ALL tastes and requirements. So if you have a few extra dollars to spare or you’re on a budget then they are sure to have what you are looking for.

Adult Aladdin Genie Costume

What’s big, blue, friendly and lovable with killer abs? It’s the big blue genie from Aladdin of course and he’s coming from a big golden genie lamp near you. If you could have three wishes this year, would one of them be that you wish you could dress up like a big blue genie this Halloween? Yes? Well now you can with a stylish and cool looking Aladdin Genie Costume.

This plush costume comes with all of the accessories needed to make you look fantastic at your next fancy dress party. It boasts the ‘big grinn’ blue genie mask with the classic black beard and tight quiff-ed hair. It also has a full two tone blue body suite which has big bulging abs, just like the real genie. The body suit also has the gold cuffs and the red belt for that added effect.

The costume comes in a standard one size fits all and can be with you in just a day or two if you place your order today.

Kids Aladdin Genie Costume

All kids love to look great when they are turning up for parties at their friends houses this Halloween or even when they are going ‘trick or treating’ kids Aladdin Genie Costumearound the town in October. Why not give them a treat this year and dress them up as everyone’s favourite Aladdin genie.

Your kids can really stand out from everyone else’s this Halloween with a great looking, quality kids Aladdin genie costume. Just like the adult costume, this kids costume comes with everything you are going to need so there is no need to shell out on extra accessories.

This kids costume comes with the muscular bodysuit with ‘show off’ abs as well as the magical and mystical vinyl blue mask. The body suit has the golden genie cuffs and with red belt, so all you will need is a simple pair of black shoes or pumps to finish off the outfit, and I’m sure all of your kids have already got those, right?

This costume comes in sizes 4-6 so should fit most of your little ones, place your order today before they sell out.

About The Lovable Genie

The Aladdin Genie of the lamp was first seen appearing on our screens in the 1992 award winning movie, Aladdin. The lovable genie was originally played by Robin Williams who is forever famous for doing cartoon voice overs as well as playing the more eccentric type of character role. Williams only appeared in the first film due to a contractual dispute between himself and the Disney corporation, Dan Castellaneta took over in the follow up movie, The Return of Jafar. Williams then sorted out his issues with Disney and re-appeared as the genie in the third and final installment of the Aladdin movies, Aladdin and the Kind of Thieves, a less known and less popular part of the trilogy.

The Genie makes his first appearance in the movie when he is released from his ‘prison’ which is in the form on a golden magic oil lamp, because it is Aladdin who releases the Genie he is granted 3 wishes and the movie begins. After speaking to Genie he reveals that if he were able to have a wish for himself he would wish to be released from his lamp. Aladdin generously promises the Genie that he will only use two of the three wishes for himself, the third he will use to release the Genie from his lamp forever.

Aladdin goes on to have two of his wishes granted, the first wish is for him to become a prince so that he can marry Jasmine but unfortunately Aladdin is captured by the evil Jafar before he can use his second wish. Thus Aladdin has to use his second wish to get the Genie to release Aladdin from the tomb where he has been shacked by Jafar.

Later on in the film, the Lamp is lost to the evil Jafar, making him Genie’s new all powerful master BUT Jafar makes a grave error when he wishes that he was an all powerful Genie. Genie goes ahead and grants this wish and now Jafar is locked into his own lamp and cast into the desert by Genie. The Genie then returns to be reunited with Aladdin where he is freed as Aladdin keeps his initial promise and releases him from his lamp.